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Second half of 2016 trip musings...

The travel bug has bit me--more than that, the "I want to do things that sound cool" bug!

Mid-to-late-August: Fly down to SoCal on a Thursday to visit Shannon (high school friend I've reconnected with), staying with her that night and maybe seeing the old hometown, before going with her down to Disneyland the next day (since she has Fridays off and is an even bigger Disneyland fanatic than I am--we had a ton of fun when we went together one day last year). Spend the day enjoying "classic" Disneyland (and weather hot enough to maybe make the water rides extra enjoyable), during a time of the summer when crowds should be less than insane.

Stay the night by the park, and then fly out bright and early Saturday morning to Albuquerque, and then a bus to Santa Fe, there to see the awesome-looking House of Eternal Return, which has captured my attention since I saw an article for it earlier this year. It's just too amazing to last long, despite them selling lifetime passes, so I have to see it while it lasts. Plus, hey, I've never been to New Mexico before...Soak up the mystery and then fly home Sunday.

Early October: head down Friday the 7th to Portland for the annual HP Lovecraft Film Festival, and spend the weekend enjoying spooky films in a dark theater surrounded by fellow fans. Maybe stay by the airport instead of the (no longer so) cheap motel by the theater to make part two of this long weekend easier. Speaking of...

Monday morning, fly from Portland to Orange County for my second theme park visit. Wander Disneyland during the day to experience the Halloween overlay (and maybe buy some cool merch for friends)--but don't stay for the separate Halloween event that night. Instead, take a short bus ride to Knotts Berry Scary Farm, and spend the evening enjoying a theme park totally taken over by Halloween shenanigans. Originally I was thinking of just making my big Disneyland trip in October so I could do more Halloween stuff, but honestly I think a day trip to Disneyland and a night at Knotts will be plenty. Because I really enjoyed Holiday Time at the parks last year, which means...

Late November (week before Thanksgiving): head back down to SoCal one more time, this time for a more relaxing, longer stay. Maybe head down Saturday to meet up with Shannon, and then go with her to the park Sunday; or maybe go down Monday and meet up with her on Friday (assuming she still has Fridays off). Spend one day visiting Universal Studios (another thing I've never done), and take in Harry Potter land (and make several friends jealous). And at some point, at the beginning or end of the trip, find myself in the LAX area so I can visit "she who prefers not to be named" and her family (and see their new house!). And whatever else I decide to do during a nearly week-long visit (I actually don't know as many people in SoCal these days as I once thought, but the ones I'll be seeing are plenty to justify the trip!).

So...yeah. That's the tentative plan. Lots of experiences, and lots of having my cake and eating it to (since originally the decision was, "visit Disneyland in October or November?"). :p And at least at first blush, each trip is relatively reasonable, price-wise--it's just how they would look in aggregate that I need to examine more closely...


Jun. 5th, 2016 09:02 pm (UTC)
Lol. You're gone travel nuts. Having your finances in order looks dann Good on you! :D

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