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Just a few ideas...

1) Off the coast of the pacific NW is a college on an island. It's isolated, with a small town on the island itself to support the students and faculty, with the nearest big city a ferry ride away. The president lives in a mansion overlooking the bay the island sits in, and the island itself has space enough for a dozen disciplines, from farming to oceanography to physics. There's an observatory and a lighthouse, a bottomless freshwater lake and abandoned steam tunnels. The university has been around for over a hundred years, and has a mix of buildings from the late 19th century to the start of the 21st--some in good repair, some not. And, as some incoming students are about to find out, more than a little mystery...(run once as a game setting, but there's enough promise here to make it a series of stories, IMO.)

2) 100-200 years in the future, a cache of technology and records has been found that indicates that Earth is not humanity's original home, but rather one of several planets seeded in ancient times by their forefathers. This knowledge and the advanced technology is enough to cause a brief war between the Earth and the Centauri colony before everyone settles down. Now one retired Admiral has commissioned the most advanced ship ever built--well, in this current span of history--and plans to take it and its crew into uncharted space, looking for other caches of knowledge--and potentially our brothers and sisters. (Mix of Star Trek and and Stargate Voyage to the bottom of the sea, with a male Admiral who just wants to explore, and a lady Captain who has to keep everyone alive.)

3) It's the 80's, and a former magician's assistant (and later magician) is a PI just trying to pay the bills. Only problem is that she keeps getting some weird cases, starting with being a bodyguard to a convention of psychics on a cruise through the Bermuda Triangle...(idea for a video game that could also be a story series. Lady protagonist.)

4) Victorian times (London or an American city if I don't want to be so cliche), and Arthur Rochester is a book hunter (a la the Ninth Gate). His search for rare tomes will lead him to discover that the world is a lot stranger than he ever imagined...(period urban fantasy series. Male protagonist.)

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