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Things to do in London...

(Blows dust off his LJ)

Still planning on going to London--especially after seeing that I can take a loan out from my 401k if necessary (which means, barring sudden unemployment, I'll have the funds to do this on top of probably having to move and other expenses that are coming up this year). I have a room reserved at a converted college dorm, though I still need to buy my plane ticket--that'll be the real "go/no go" moment, as that's the sort of thing you can't get even a partial refund on. :P

The point is that this is becoming more real so, even though it's still months away, I'm starting to work on my list of "Things to do while in London." Here's what I have so far--additions from the audience are welcome!

  • Attend Olympic games (obviously!)--check out the different Pavilions while I'm there to practice my people skills (and by "people skills" I mean "drink and flirt with women from all over the world :P)
  • Attend a Phantom of the Opera show (I want to see a production where the theater has essentially been completely given over to the performance!)
  • Visit the Society for Psychical Research facility and browse their library (compare to Capitol Hill's Museum of Mysteries for bonus points!)
  • Visit the Doctor Who museum (even if it's in Cardiff by that point) (note, pack scarf)
  • Hang out with ashkitty (possibly at the school-themed dance club she's mentioned...)
  • Visit the British Museum and Library
  • Visit Cambridge or Oxford (and entertain post grad fantasies)
  • Shop at Camden Town
  • Visit the Sherlock Holmes museum at 221B Baker Street (and roleplay with whatever recreationist is there!) (note, pack deerstalker, even if it's not really canon)

    I'll add to this list as things occur to me! And, of course, I'm flying from London to Gencon after the Olympics, so I'll need a whole other list of things to do at the convention! ;)

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