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2010 wrap-up

I was telling a friend recently that I almost want to consider 2010 a "lost year," due to all the time spent in front of my computer working/thinking of working. But that really wouldn't be accurate--a lot got done, even though it sometimes seemed like nothing did. :P

The good:
  • Credit card paid off (at least temporarily :P)
  • Electronics upgraded (new network gear just ordered; gigantic TV and current-gen video game consoles acquired)
  • This is the big one: tarot deck business idea finally (FINALLY!) launched. This had the additional effect of a completely different convention experience, as I got to attend Steamcon as part of the Artist Room--which was awesome! Will hopefully re-invigorate my Norwescon experience by doing the same thing there.
  • Along with a gift from my wonderful parents, I've hopefully saved up enough to do some long-delayed upgrades/repairs to my master bathroom (in 2011).

    The bad:
  • I was pretty much a hermit, and saw people a lot less than I wanted.
  • Put on about 25 lbs (pretty much erasing the weight loss I accomplished a few years ago).

    I don't regret taking on the extra work by any means, as it really helped a lot this year, but I'm ready to focus my attention on some neglected areas now. If I want the extra income I'll just have to start monetizing the tarot artwork I'm accumulating. ;)

    Other things: on the romance front it was kind of slow until near the end. ayeshadream officially moved onto the next stage of her life by having a baby with her boyfriend, which was awesome, even if I miss me Burn Notice/Doctor Who cuddle buddy. ;) I met someone sexy and fun at the Merc's Halloween party (well, one of their parties, they had like 3 or 4 this year :P), which was also awesome--but short-lived (though I've learned a bit more about what I want and don't want, so it was both fun and educational :P). 2011 will open with me able to pay more attention to my personal life than 2010 allowed, and I'm already hopeful that will lead to some good things down the road.

    I continue to get along great with the roomie after a whole year. And she's a wonderful excuse for the place not being picked up. ;) I'm sad brannonb is moving back to SF, but wish him luck at his awesome new job (note to self--invite Jana or Stone over more often next year :P). I'll be seeing my brother and his family in January as they drive down from Alaska on their way to their new post in Florida (woot--now I have even more of an excuse to try and make it to Orlando soon ;>). And ashkitty has informed me that I have one year left to visit her in Wales--we'll see if I can swing it now that I don't have a reliable second income. :P

    Okay, time to wrap this rambling thing up. Looking forward to a couple NYE parties tonight, and whatever kisses I can steal. ;) Hope to see more of you in the new year!

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